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VampCentral on NBC Dateline
VampCentral shown on NBC Dateline

Welcome to VampCentral, a website that is dedicated to the communities and sub-cultures of Vampirism and the Paranormal.

We would like to extend to you the darkest of greetings, whether you're a curious human, a vampire, or otherkin who are looking for a place to belong, grow, and/or just learn.

We encourage those to visit with an open mind.

We invite you to join our community with the sincerest of loyalty.

We embrace your willingness to be a part of our community peacefully.

Here you will find an abundance of information to learn from or you can share your own to help others with their own journeys to learn and understand. There are plenty of activities to do here, if you choose to join our community.

You are visior number 1,324,548.

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